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        What are the advantages of lithium batteries compared with lead-acid batteries?

               1. Lithium batteries are much smaller and lighter in weight than ordinary batteries. Generally, a lithium battery of the same model is only half the size of a lead-acid battery and weighs one-third of a battery.

               2. The life of lithium batteries is generally about 5 to 6 years, and the warranty period is generally about three years, which is much longer than the life of lead-acid batteries, which is only one year or one and a half years, so don't worry about whether to change the battery every year. .

               3. Lithium batteries Lithium batteries for electric vehicles are safer than ordinary batteries. Lithium batteries are qualitatively different from other ordinary batteries. They will not explode when subjected to heavy pressure, impact, or short circuit.

               4. Lithium batteries are greener in relation to lead-acid batteries and have little environmental pollution, because their long service life can prevent environmental pollution caused by lead-acid battery replacement.

               5. Because of the small size and low weight of lithium battery electric vehicles, they are generally light and beautiful, and convenient to move. Many lithium battery electric vehicles can also be folded.

               6. When consumers are charging ordinary lead-acid battery electric vehicles, they have always been worried about the memory effect of the battery. When the lithium battery is used, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. The lithium battery does not have the memory effect.

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