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        The advantages of industrial lithium batteries

               Nowadays, energy conservation and environmental protection are being promoted. With the development of people's livelihood technology, more and more people are buying cars, motorcycles and other transportation vehicles. Since these vehicles use fuel to provide power, the air they emit when they are driving causes serious air pollution. For the sake of environmental protection, batteries have entered the eyes of everyone as a power source, and industrial lithium batteries stand out among them.

               There must be reasons why industrial lithium batteries stand out among many new energy batteries. Let's take a look at several advantages of industrial lithium batteries compared with other batteries.

               1. In terms of volume and weight, industrial lithium batteries are smaller and lighter than ordinary batteries. When used in equipment, it reduces the burden of equipment and increases the usable space, and it is convenient to transport during installation or disassembly.

               2. Long cycle life, the general battery life is between 1 to 3 years, while the industrial lithium battery can be used for 5 to 7 years.

               3. It is more environmentally friendly. It does not mean that all new energy batteries are completely environmentally friendly. They are not environmentally friendly because of their raw materials. Waste batteries can easily pollute the environment if they are not properly recycled. There are a lot of lead and acid in lead-acid batteries, and the heavy metals used in industrial lithium batteries have minimal pollution to the environment.

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